My Journey Starts Here

I am a software developer and I’m stuck at a turning point in my life.

I left my job more than one year ago, lured into freelancing by a friend of mine who promised to send to me all the excessive amount of work coming his way that he could not take. Unfortunately that promise never materialized. I’m sure it’s not his fault, things are not rosy for him now either.

The idea was to go into freelancing as a transitory stage to be able to start my own startup with a great idea that would revolutionize the world. Did you hear this before? I bet you did. I worked in such a startup for most of 2012, on a minimal salary paid by some angel money to just cover expenses (which didn’t even cover them fully). I left that company at the end of the year, just after shipping, because it was clear to me at that point that it was not going to go as I we hoped, which is exactly how it turned out. Others are still trying to make it work and I wish them success, but that’s not for me anymore.

So I went back to the freelancing world. Back is a big word, since I suck at finding clients. In the meantime I had a pretty bad breakup with my girlfriend shortly after new year’s day, which added to all the other issues, left me in a pretty bad state of depression. This took a toll on my financial situation, since in the last months I was not able to bring in any income.

What is left in my savings allows me to go on for about two months. I live in a capital in the north of Europe, but I’m an expat, so I don’t enjoy the welfare benefits others do and I have no family to support me here (my parents live in another country and are struggling themselves).

So, here I am, with only my skills as an iOS developer, savings that are running out and some great friends who support me emotionally (if you don’t have them, this is my first advice. Go and get some). But it’s time to change that. I’m not sold anymore on the idea of starting the next big thing that will revolutionize the world. I did many times and I failed.

What I’m determined to do is to learn to create a successful business from scratch. Doing “startups” taught me the hard way how not to do it, but I still have plenty to learn in how to do it properly. First I have to provide for myself. When I will be able to do that, I’ll have time and resources to change the world.

This blog will be used to document the whole process. I’m sure other people will benefit from it. This is not a blog to whine about my situation. I told my story to give context but what I will write about will be the things I try and their result. I know there are people in much worse positions than mine. Amy Hoy, which I’m taking as an example, has been in a worse situation and today she is extremely successful. Looking at her life story I’m starting a bit ahead of her, so if she did it, I’ll do it too.

I’m not going to give my name at the moment, although I will probably do it in the future. For now I just don’t want to have my name associated with this blog. What I can tell you is that I’m in my early thirties, have experience in iOS development and have some connections in the local community due to a lot of pro bono work I did in the last two years (mainly organizing events), but I’m definitely not famous or anything like that. If you happen to know me you might recognize me from what I write. That’s fine. Please, just don’t go around telling who I am. Not yet.